• "Right-to-Work"

    “Right-to-Work” Rally in Jefferson City, MO at the Capitol Building.

  • Westbound Blanchette Bridge Project (bridge connects  St. Charles and St. Louis Counties)
    Westbound Blanchette Bridge Project (bridge connects St. Charles and St. Louis Counties)

    The Westbound bridge was closed from November 2012 until late August 2013 for renovations.  The bridge re-opened two months ahead of schedule. Walsh Construction was the General Contractor for this project.”

  • Deep Storage Tunnel System
    Deep Storage Tunnel System

    Deep Storage Tunnel System for the Lemay Watershed project located in South St Louis County.  The General contractor for this project is SAK Construction , LLC.

  • Re-Election of EMLDC officers and Executive Board
    Re-Election of EMLDC officers and Executive Board

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Right to Work


Right-to-Work is bad for America. Click here for more information.

Member Events


EMLDC, in conjunction with LECET, holds five Members’ Events each year. More information


"Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting."  ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

November 2014 General Election Endorsement List


Get out and vote

Voting is one of the most important things you can do as a Union member.  You can't vote if you’re not registered to vote.  Politics impact every aspect of your private and public life.  Prevailing wage, Right-to-Work for less, protections in the workplace and even your ability to collectively bargain can be impacted by election results.

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"The survival of all unions is too important for us (Labor unions) to squabble amongst ourselves. Let’s focus our energy and resources on battling the anti-worker groups and politicians who want to get rid of unions. Then and only then, we will be a stronger louder voice.”

~ Gary W. Elliott

LIUNA GP Terry O'Sullivan Speaks

St. Louis Benefit Office

Laborers' Benefit Office

2357 59th Street
St. Louis MO 63110


Construction Industry Laborers Welfare/Pension Fund

Laborers' Benefit Office

6405 Metcalf, Suite #200
Overland Park, Kansas 66202


Eastern Missouri Laborers District Council

Eastern Missouri Laborers District Council

3450 Hollenberg Drive
Bridgeton, MO 63044


Business Manager: Gary Elliott

Secretary-Treasurer: Perri Pryor

Laborers' AGC Training Center

Laborers' Training Center - High Hill

35 Opportunity Road
High Hill, MO 63350
Training Center Phone: 636.585.2391
Apprentice Phone: 636.585.1500