What does deviation means in MT4

In trading, deviation is a measure of how far prices are from the average price. This can be used to identify opportunities for buying or selling. In this blog post, we will discuss what does deviation means in mt4 and how it affects trading. We will also provide some tips on how to use deviation to your advantage in your trading strategy!

What is deviation in MT4

Deviation is a measure of how much an asset’s price deviates from its average price. In other words, it measures how far from “normal” the price is.

When trading on MT, you will see the deviation represented as a number. This number tells you how many pips the current price is away from the average price. A higher deviation means that the current price is further away from the average, and vice versa.

The deviation can be affected by various factors, such as news events or even changes in market conditions. As a trader, it’s important to be aware of these factors so that you can make informed decisions about your trades.

How to calculate deviation

There are a few different ways to calculate deviation, but the most common is to take the standard deviation of prices over a certain period of time. To do this, you first need to calculate the mean price over the period of time you’re interested in. Then, for each price during that period, you subtract the mean and square the result.

Standard deviation can be a useful tool for technical analysis and can help traders make decisions about entries and exits. A high standard deviation means that prices are moving around a lot and there is more potential for profits.


Types of deviation

There are two types of deviation: Standard Deviation and Average True Range.

Standard Deviation is a statistical measure that calculates how much prices deviate from the mean price. The higher the standard deviation, the more volatile the market is.

Average True Range is an indicator that measures volatility. It is similar to Standard Deviation, but it uses a smoothing technique to make it more accurate.

Uses of deviation

There are many uses of deviation in MT. One of the most important is using it as a trailing stop. By understanding what Deviation is, traders can use it to their advantage and make better decisions when trading.

Another common use for deviation is in setting entry and exit points. By understanding how much price can deviate from the mean, traders can set more accurate limits on their trades.

Lastly, Deviation can also be used as a tool for risk management. By understanding the potential for price movement, traders can better manage their position sizes and limit their exposure to potential losses.

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